Let’s Use Eddmaps: Invasives Species Identification and Reporting Training

Join invasive species expert Matt Wallrath of Upper Sugar River Watershed Association for this training on identifying and reporting invasive species! Matt will explain why invasive species are a problem for our environmental and economic health with a focus on how we can prevent them in our region. Five species of disturbed areas and roadsides (wild parsnip, teasel, purple loosestrife, invasive knotweed, and non-native phragmites) will be presented for identification and best management practices. The Early Detection & Distribution Mapping System (EDDMapS), Eddmaps.org, and the mobile EDDMapS apps will be presented as a tool to scout, map, and communicate site management priorities for volunteer leaders.

Register here: https://uppersugar.org/events/eddmaps/

Why is the South Central Invasives Partnership sponsoring this event?
The mission of SCIP is to collaborate with partner organizations, landowners, property managers, and community leaders to prevent the spread of invasive species. One way that SCIP achieves this is by coordinating management activities across our five-county region.



Mar 02 2022


6:00 PM - 7:00 PM