About Us

Our Vision

We envision a collaborative partnership that reduces the negative impacts of invasive species and improves the health and biodiversity of our native ecosystems to build resilient communities.

Our Mission

We collaborate with partner organizations, landowners, property managers, and community leaders to prevent the spread of invasive species. We achieve this by building a shared purpose through education, outreach, coordination of management activities throughout our region.

Our Values

Biodiversity: We understand that protecting the biological variety and variability of life is crucial to a healthy ecosystem.

Connection:  We strive to create meaningful connections with partner organizations, landowners, property managers, community leaders and volunteers that equitably benefit our ecosystems and communities.

Diversity: We are driven to develop a diverse community of conservationists who collaborate in embracing equity, inclusivity, and access. 

Education: We inspire a conservation ethic and promote education around invasive species management. 

Facilitation: We mobilize people, connect them with existing efforts, and provide resources for land managers who want to improve their property.

Science: We are guided by evidence-based research and informed decision-making.

Geographic Borders

SCIP will be working with the Wisconsin counties Sauk, Iowa, Lafayette, Green and Dane.